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I synced my training with Suunto’s digital service but it is not transferred to TrainingPeaks. What can I do?

During peak training hours, Suunto and TrainingPeaks may experience delays in transferring data. If you successfully synced your training with Suunto Movescount or Suunto app, but it is not visible in TrainingPeaks shortly after, we kindly ask for your patience.
If your newly uploaded training to Suunto app or Movescount is not synced with TrainingPeaks after several days, re-syncing your exercise with Suunto’s digital service and TrainingPeaks may help.

Note: Please keep in mind that only new exercises are synced. Existing trainings which you synced with Movescount or Suunto app before connecting your account to TrainingPeaks will not be transferred.

To avoid duplicate trainings or issues with your training data, please make sure to connect only one service to your TrainingPeaks account. If you choose Suunto app to be connected with TrainingPeaks, ensure to remove the connection from your Movescount account.

Troubleshooting steps for Suunto app

  1. Check in the Logbook of your watch that your exercise(s) is (are) still available.
  2. Open Suunto app:
    - iOS: Go to Profile > Connect to other services.
    - Android: Open Settings > Account > Connect to other services.
  3. Ensure Suunto app and TrainingPeaks are connected.
  4. Delete the exercise(s) that was (were) not synced with TrainingPeaks from your watch’s Diary.
  5. Sync your watch with Suunto app. The deleted workout(s) will be synchronized again with Suunto app.

Your training should be synced with TrainingPeaks now. Please keep in mind that this may take a while.

Troubleshooting steps for Suunto Movescount

If Moves are not transferred to TrainingPeaks, re-connecting your accounts may solve the issue:

  1. Go to settings in Movescount and click on Disconnect under TrainingPeaks .
  2. Log out of both Movescount and TrainingPeaks.
  3. Clear your browser, including cache and cookies.
  4. Log in to your Movescount account again.
  5. Go to TrainingPeaks in Movescount and click on Connect with TP.
  6. Click on Connect with TP in Movescount settings.
  7. Follow the pop-up prompt to log in to your TrainingPeaks account. Once logged in, you can authorize the connection of the two accounts.

If re-connecting does not solve the issue, manually export your Move from Movescount and upload it into TrainingPeaks.

Learn how to manually export a Move from Movescount.
Learn how to manually upload a workout file into TrainingPeaks.

If the issue persists and your exercise is not synced with TrainingPeaks for several times, please contact our Suunto Support. We are happy to assist you.